Study in Australia: Apply for hassle-free Visa to Australia

Fulfill your dreams of higher education at Australia’s top universities. Pursue a short term course from three months to one year by applying for a hassle-free Visa. Take off your education with a long-term Bachelor’s, Masters’s, or a Ph.D. degree with world-class education infrastructure.

Bridging the Gap between Education and Visa Formalities

  • Stay in Australia for the duration of your course
  • No limit on travel from in and out of Australia
  • Let your dependent family members stay with you during your course


  • Complete the paperwork as you apply to your school of choice
  • Submit proof of funds
  • Support your livelihood by working up to 20 hours a week
  • Apply for a resident return visa to return to Australia after 5 years

Mandatory Criteria for Visa

  • An acceptance letter from the school
  • Proof of funds to support your stay
  • Academic records and history of education
  • Health insurance
  • English language proficiency tests. Exceptions for students from the US, UK, and New Zealand

Additional Considerations

  • Calculate your total spends by including educational costs, insurance costs, and daily living expenses
  • Consider the cost of transportation and stay of the spouse/dependent members
  • Let your spouse work full-time with special permissions, when pursuing a PhD course

Requirements for Visa

  • Acceptance letter from the school
  • Proof of funds to support your stay in Australia
  • Academic records and history
  • Overseas health insurance
  • Test scores prove your proficiency in the English language. This is not needed for students from countries like the US, UK, and New Zealand

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