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Application Details
First Name
Date of Birth
Contact number
Passport Number
Education Detail
Name of the course you studied?
Name of institution where you studied?
Start Date
End Date
What date did you take the English Competency test?
Average/Overall score
Reading score
Writing score
Speaking score
Listening score
Business & Investment Skills

Provide details of your (and your spouse's) total net business, investment and personal assets held during the two most recent fiscal years (in $AUD):

Most recent year (in AUD)
Year prior (in AUD)
What is the net value of assets that you would be able to transfer to Australia within 2 years of the grant of a visa (in $AUD)?
How many years of business experience can you demonstrate?
How many years of investment experience can you demonstrate?
Describe your business or investment history
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Patents Details
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Trademarks Details
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Venture Agreements Details
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Export Trade Details
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Gazelle Business Details
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Funding Grants Details
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Venture Capital Funding Details
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Business & Investments History
Business name
Industry Type
Your position/title in the business?
Date you began involvement in this business
Other Family Members
Date of Birth
Passport Number (if known)
What is the usual occupation of this family member?
Health and Character Details
Comments & Questions
Do you have any questions or additional information you want to provide?
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